Saturday, 7 March 2015

Read to Self

We are learning to read to self. This builds our reading stamina and helps us to get better at reading. We also have lots of fun reading!

Success Criteria

  • I read quietly
  • I concentrate on the book
  • I stay in space
  • I read the whole time
  • I get started straight away

Photo of kid reading to self (buddy can take or during the week)

How I am going

Read to self
Kerri thinks


I really like: Reading stories that I like from my book box.

I think I need to practice: Staying in my spot and getting enough books to read.

Great honest reflection Heidi. You have thought about your learning and your next steps!
When you make sure you have enough books so you can stay in one spot and read the whole time you will increase your reading stamina so you can enjoy longer stories and chapter books. Picking a place that is going to help your learning is also very important, is it wise to sit next to your friends?

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  1. How exciting, we did not know that you had some time to read to yourself each day.. Very grown up Heidi :) but as kerri says, choosing to sit with friends must be distracting perhaps you could find another spot that is comfy and can help you focus. Love from mummy x